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"You have always deserved to be saved."
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"Cas, baby, you OK?"

Cas squinted, looking at Dean with surprised confusion. Dean felt a blush rising steadily up his neck, creeping up onto his cheeks. He heard Sam chuckle next to him. His gaze dropped, he shifted awkwardly, opened his mouth and closed it again, swallowing hard - and his face was burning hotter and hotter with every agonizing second. 

"Did you just call him -" Sam began, voice dripping with uncontainable amusement.



S P N   M E M E →  four ANGELS:

— And you’re just gonna do whatever God says.
— Yes, because I am a good son.


"That’s what’s so great about being a part of Supernatural. It doesn’t feel like a job ever, it really does feel like a family." - Felicia Day [x]